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Western Michigan is home to one of the most extensive tracts of unspoiled forest land east of the Mississippi River, cradling the Manistee National Forest and numerous privately-owned acres of deciduous and mixed forests. With over 200 lakes, three principal rivers and an astounding variety of recreational opportunities, Newaygo County is considered by many to be the heartland of this region. Although the county's rustic character and well-kept, self-contained small towns give it the appearance of remoteness, Newago County MI real estate is actually blessed with excellent transportation connections to the rest of the state and millions of permanent residents within a couple hours' drive.

While none of the county's lakes rival the size of Lake Michigan, located immediately to the west, it does boast hundreds of miles of unspoiled shoreline on which enterprising developers have constructed a wide variety of Newago County waterfront homes. Initially, the county was a magnet for trappers and fur traders who took advantage of the enormous beaver population that plied its waterways. During the 19th century, timber companies bought much of the land in the county, selling much of the lumber that it produced to real estate developers and shipbuilders in Detroit and Chicago.

Today, however, Newago County MI real estate has been restored to its formerly pristine state. The three biggest employers are the tourism, agriculture and fishing industries, creating a thriving rural economy that employs many of the area's 50,000 permanent residents. The abundance of local water features means that most local folks can afford the thousands of Newago County waterfront homes built after World War II. In fact, some of the most expensive homes in the county are found not along the shores of its beautiful lakes but on cleared hilltops with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

There are two basic types of Newago County homes for sale. Tidy ranch and colonial-style houses line the quiet shady streets of the small municipalities, most of them clustered along the county's southern border, that house the bulk of Newaygo County's population. The largest of these is Fremont, home base of the famous Gerber Products Company, which makes baby food and sells direct-marketed life insurance products. Other local municipalities include centrally-located White Cloud, which is the county seat, and Grant, which has seen rapid development in recent years thanks to its relative proximity to the major employment center of Grand Rapids. 

Many other Newago County homes are used primarily as vacation residences. These tend to be clustered on the shores of the county's small lakes or in wooded back lots accessible only by dirt road. The rural, isolated feel of these houses juxtaposes sharply with the cosmopolitan feel of the area's towns. Since most Newago County MI real estate lies within an hour's drive of Grand Rapids, however, that city's cultural amenities and world-class dining destinations are well within reach. It's not unusual for folks who lived and worked in the big city to move "up north" upon retiring.

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